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Events Diary 2021

Our first 2021 work party is on Sunday January 3rd, meet by the container 08.45am finish at 12noon. Bring a hot drink and a snack for the break time.


           1. We are planning to continue the work on lake 3 clearing more willow stumps. Waders or wellies good for this task and                           rubber/waterproof gloves

           2. We also and plan to cut a section of reeds on lake 2 (wellies essential or if you have waders that's even better). We have                         pallets to stand on to stop you sinking into the lake! Heavy duty gravel type rakes would be useful if you have any to                             bring gardening gloves too.

          3. If you don't have wellies or waders the meadow still needs more raking off and debris moved to the piles of scrub. Grass                      rakes would be helpful for this job Gardening Gloves too.


Social distancing rules will be adhered to and if you do have any specific concerns please speak to either Mike or Duncan

New members always welcome.

Yearly subs for those that haven't paid recently are due from 1st Jan - minimum of £2 for a year for individual or minimum £3 for household. This money helps to buy in new tools, blades small item equipment so supports the work of the group even if you can't come along to the work parties. If paying by cash please put money in an envelope with your name(s) on or if paying by bank transfer ensure you put you initial and surname on credit.   

Here are just a couple of photos showing the state of the the 'lakes' before and after volunteer work parties



Please come along the more people that help on the working parties the more we can achieve

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