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Events Diary 2018

1st Sunday of Every Month: General Work Work Party - Meet By the Container 9.15am


Next Work Party Sunday 1st April ( Further clearing of Willow on Lake 3 )


New members and friends always welcomes












Group News

Dec 28th 2016

One of our members put out a call this afternoon about an injured buzzard down Clennon Valley lakes, a few phone calls later to the group, we had rescued the poorly bird, delivered it to an avian vet and fingers crossed it will be released back onto Clennon Valley once a full recovery is made Well done Mark Brook and especially Dee Dee Brook for spotting the Buzzard !!!!

Many thanks to the National Citizen Service volunteers for their help during November. A brilliant effort by the group of 15-17 year olds meant the wild meadow area has been cut and raked off ready for next years wild flower growth. The group even dug a few of the smaller tree stumps out meaning the sapplings will not re grow.








Great news - we came 2nd in the voting meaning we get £10,000 mostly toward the paths but also some interpretive boards and viewing area, plus something toward our website.

Thanks you all of you who shared and promoted us - You'll see the improvements during the next year.


Here are just a couple of photos showing the state of the the 'lakes' before and after volunteer work parties



Please come along the more people that help on the working parties the more we can achieve